The entry fee for each category is set below:

  Entry Fee
Late Entry Fee
Per Person R 14 000 R 16 000
For Team Manager. Engineers,
Observers, extra Judge Observers,
Supporters or Accompanying Persons.
R 10 000 R 12 000
International Judge – 1 per Country R 7 000 R 9 000
Extra International Judge R 10 000 R 12 000

Organiser must receive entry fee before 29th  July 2022.

Payment received and accepted by Organizer after 29th  July 2022  up to 31st August 2022, must be accompanied by an additional amount of  R 2 000 per person.

Each entry form is regarded as accepted only when the Organiser acknowledges it; the acknowledgement will only be given when the Entry Fee has been received by the Organiser.

The entry fee includes the following:
 Competition Routes for the competition week,
 Three practice routes for each team,
 FAI Sanction Fee for competitors,
 Lunch at the airfield on the competition days ( 5 lunches),
 Opening and closing ceremonies

The entry fee does not include accommodation or transportation. This will be expected that each team makes their own arrangements, the organisers however will be able to provide
information on accommodation options available as per the Accommodation page on this website

Entries may be cancelled before the final entry date, 29th  July 2022, without penalty.

After the final entry date, cancellation will be penalised by withholding 10% of the entry fee for each crew.

Cancellation later than 15 days before the beginning of the event will be penalised by withholding 50% of the entry fee.

Any Cancellations due to Covid Restrictions will be dealt with should the need arise upon instructions and guidance from the GAC.