Preliminary Entries

  • Please submit your preliminary entries by: Friday 29th April 2022.


  • Normal Entries are open and may be submitted now.
  • Payments received before the 31st May 2022 will qualify for the early bird discount.  
  • The closing date for Normal Entries is now Friday 15 July 2022.
  • Payments for the Normal Entries must be received in the SAPFA account by 29th July 2022.
  • Late Entries may be accepted by the Organiser until 31st August 2022 and only together with late entry fee.
  • The late entry fee must be received by 31 st August 2022.

Non- acceptance of Entries

  • Entries received after 31 st August 2022, will be not accepted.
  • From this date to the official start of the Championship only personal changes in official entries can be accepted.


  • A team manager, who preferably should not be a competing pilot, shall head each national team.
  • Each participating country is allowed to send a maximum of 10 crews and a team manager.
  • If the total number of entries exceeds 70 the organiser is permitted to reduce the maximum number of entries per country.
  • Each participating country must provide International Judges. Paragraph D.3 of the Rules and Regulations for FAI Rally Flying Championship is applicable.
  • Each competing pilot shall possess a valid private pilot licence or licence of a higher grade; all competitors must have a valid FAI Sporting Licence.

Official Entries

  • The Official Entry Forms (which can be downloaded from this website)  must be sent to the email address
  • An Invoice will be prepared for the entry fees, extra accommodation and 50% of aircraft hire costs and must be paid before 29th July 2022.

 List of Official Entries

  • The list of Preliminary and Official Entries will be posted on the competition website.

 Final Entries without Entry Fees

  • If an NAC sends a final entry but fails to pay the required entry fee, that NAC shall lose its right to participate in the Championship until the fee is paid.